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The background music in this application is licensed under a Creative Commons, attribution license from A-M Classical. The "applause" sound is licensed under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 license. It was downloaded from another great music website: This particular sound is from the user "oniwe".

All images in this application were downloaded from Flickr and are licensed under a Creative Commons license allowing commercial use and adaption when attributed. All Flickr users who contributed images can be found in the following list: harlequeen, mape_s, fremlin, cryptowolf, dannyboymalinga, dalliedee, tryburn, devcentre, 54007393@N05, snowpeak, 37539972@N06, hinkelstone, emrank, photofarmer, kpradeep, skender, magnusbrath, scoobygirl, iotae, 36266724@N06, pinguino, ian_munroe, bill_harrison, kjfnjy, emmett_ns_tullos, paulskeie, nikonvscanon, sfajane, 78428166@N00, bobrayner, pictographic, bengchye_loo, 33590535@N06, nagaon, jarrodlombardo, londonlooks, timparkinson, tyrian123, 8106459@N07, izzyplante, hitchster.

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